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Rajasthani Dresses, Costumes and Clothes

Rajasthan, the top most angle of the golden triangle of tourism in India is the state with vivid natural beauty. The people of the state have contributed further to make it rich in art in various forms.

One of these very special things is Rajasthani Costumes. These dresses are generally made from cotton which is the best suited fabric for this part of the country being more congenial to weather conditions. Rajasthani dresses for women are rich in mirror work and embroidery.

Mirror pieces cut in round, rhombus and many other shapes are embedded to the skirts (called 'ghagra' in the local language) with the help of colorful threads in definite patterns to give it a unique effect. The hand embroidered flowers look exquisite in design and shapes.

While the nature has gifted only one color, the color of sand, to this piece of land with the exception of some patches of greenery, the man seems to have taken the responsibility of adding colors to it in other ways, costumes being one of them.

In the series of Rajasthani clothes 'tie and die' is another famous style. The dress material of suits (salwar-kamiz), dupattas (scarfs), saris and blouses are died with different colors on the same piece of cloth and a special colorless effect is provided in set patterns by tying the cloth with thread to prevent coloring of that particular area. This handiwork is simply charming to lure the on-looker.

The popular colors for these Rajasthani costumes are red, maroon, bottle green, black and so many others. Boutique art dress material is another style of Rajsthani clothes which is made with artistic design by using wax coating technique to produce color effects like in 'tie and die'. A tourist to this part of India would be absolutely hypnotized by the simplicity of the natives and the beauty of the dresses they wear. Even for men the turbans they wear are so colorful that their heads seem raised with pride to the grandeur of Rajasthani garments.

It may astonish any one that in a land so dry a river of rich art flows all round and fills the souls with energy and charm on seeing a group of women in their traditional 'lehnga and choli' (an ankle long skirt and short top) studded with mirrors and embroidery of multicolored threads dancing to rejoice, what others may think, the wrath of nature spread all round as heaps of sand. The Rajasthani dresses with colors incarnate, the revolving frills of skirts during the jhumar dance symbolize man's adaptability to all moods of nature. This looks like a thanks giving celebration to Mother Nature above any grudges for what we have been deprived of. While in Rajasthan one can realize that the Rajasthani costumes are more than just garments. These are man's ovation to the creator.

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