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The Jewelry of Rajasthan -

India is a country of varied cultures. It has ever been a centre of attraction for the world as a country of different trades including jewelry, gems and stones. In the defined golden triangle of tourism in India Rajasthan enjoys top most and favorite position in the tourists' choice. Rajasthan, as we know it, is a beautiful desert abundant in Royal palaces, gardens and lakes. It is equally best known for its precious and semi precious stones.

The tourism industry of this state of puppets, precious stones jewelry, semi precious stones jewelry, Indian jewelry, folk dances, vagabonds and caravans is best exposed by the most luxurious train "The Palace On Wheels" which runs through the whole of Rajasthan exposing tourists to the wonderful beauty of nature spread across miles in the form of sand hills and terrains in habited by the rough and tough men and women wearing colorful robes as if flowers are grown amidst the barren spans.

The beautiful folk lore of the state is picturised as the pitcher carrying women wearing bangles and artificial or silver jewelery and the men with large grown moustache and beards personify the bravery of this land of great warriors. The luxury of palaces is reflected by the exquisite carvings and paintings showing dancing court women wearing beautiful jewelry articles that show the legacy of this desert land.

The precious stones jewelry has its origin to the Mughal era. Obviously the Royal patronage was sufficient enough in affording this luxury. The emperors, kings and queens wore it with pride to show their supremacy over the subjects.

The most famous precious stones jewelry of Rajasthan is 'Kundan'. Kundan is a traditional gem stone. The artisans of Rajasthan developed the art of making elaborate necklaces using this stone. it is believed to be the oldest form of jewelry born in the Royal courts. Jaipur, the pink city of India, is the most famous centre of this jewelry.

With the fall of Palaces over the years the artisans started making semi-precious stones jewelry to meet the needs of the common man. As a result this tourist arcade is flooded with joyous designs of Indian jewelry in multicolored stones beautifully set in different designs of Indian jewelry in the form of bangles, necklaces, girdles and bracelets for men and women both. The Rajasthani sealing wax based bangles embedded with colorful stones are light in weight and rich in beauty. We can say that the Indian precious/semi precious stones jewelry is the soul of Rajasthan culture which provides an impetus to tourism in this part of the country.

This state also has to its credit the art of decorating the jewelry with bright everlasting colors known as 'meenakari'. The Rajasthani miniature paintings too depict the details of meenakari on the ornaments worn by the female figures portrait. The very word means going into details of a thing. Presently the Indian jewelry in semi-precious stones is as much in vogue as the precious jewelry. People from all over the globe seem to have grown a fascination for these Indian ornaments that they throng to Rajasthan to have a direct glimpse at these handmade beautiful pieces.

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