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Marble Inlay Work

The Mughal era brought certain changes during its reign as evident in the history of India. It laid a special emphasis on encouragement of handicrafts mainly the marble inlay work.

During the reign of mughal emperor Jahangir, a lot of efforts were made to bring the exquisite inlay work carved out in marble into the spotlight. Earlier sandstone inlay work was a prominent work carried out by craftsmen but during the mughal era. It was the marble inlay work that gained more prominence. Marble was thus, used in other ways too like in the mosaic patterns that combined red sandstone and other colours of marble and were hence embedded into cement.

The marble inlay work reached its zenith during shahjahan’s reign as the mausoleum Taj Mahal which boasts to be one of the seven wonders of the word a masterpiece of marble work. The carving on the Taj Mahal leaves the spectators spellbound.

Even today one can easily catch a glimpse of this exquisite work in Agra. The carving is done on vases, coasters, lamp shades and one could even get a miniature Taj Mahal!


One could easily identify Agra from rest of the places because of two reasons: one, that it boasts of housing the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world and secondly, the availability of handicrafts. The craftsmen are believed to be descendents of those craftsmen who contributed towards the accomplishment of Taj Mahal and worked with such great finesse that even today; it stands out as the most beautiful mausoleum.

The inlay work plays a significant role in handicrafts. However, besides inlay work, a handicraft also includes leather ware, carpets, jewellery and embroidery work.

Today, the handicrafts market in Agra is growing at a considerable pace. Several emporia have been set up where handicrafts are easily available. There is a wide range of handicrafts and each one of them boasts of work never seen before. It thus comes with traits of traditional work combined with modern thought and therefore contributes towards creation of a masterpiece.

Art & Crafts

The Art & Crafts industry of Agra is quite popular among the visitors because of the kind of crafts that it produces. The craftsmen are thoroughly skilled in their profession and create masterpiece that speak for themselves.

The familiarity of Art & Crafts with Agra dates back to the mugal era, the mughals were known to be great patrons of art & crafts. The empress Nurjahan was herself a skilled artist of embroidery work and encouraged other embroidery artists. The mughals encouraged craftsmen which helped their art to gain prominence among the masses.

The masterpieces thus created are unique creations they reflect our rich heritage and echo the wide diversity of our Art & crafts industry.

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