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Delhi Tourism Places

Delhi - Being a capital of India is a world-recognized city as connected to almost entire World by various flight connections. It is one of the oldest cities in the world, and highly respected for its progression over the years. It has kept its reputable name polished and reformed over the years and attracting the attention of travellers from every corner of the World.

Delhi is said to be on many people’s lists of places to visit before they die, because of its extreme popularity due to the intensely positive impact it has on visitors. All of India’s culture becomes combined in this captivating city, creating a whirlwind of enthralling history, stories and civilization.

With a distinct difference in style between Old Delhi and New Delhi, you’ll enjoy travelling through both regions and discovering the many stories they have to offer. Legends proclaim areas of Old Delhi to be over 5,000 years old. It is standing strongly today after being destroyed and rebuilt an astonishing eleven times. Perseverance and dedication have made Delhi expand and grow into an enchanting city, delivering refreshing delightfulness to all of its appreciators.

Elaborate art and temples beam down proudly at all the viewers. The true essence of New Delhi is hard to capture in the span of a few days, which is why the people of New Delhi are so committed to true deliverance for the tourists. Tour guides are set up around the clock, where you can enjoy the wonder of sites like Humayun’s tomb, just one of Delhi’s three UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Located in an overflow of immaculate gardens, Humayun’s tomb is open daily from sunrise to sunset for the abundance of visitors yearning to experience this very intricate piece of history. The central garden and paths leading to it are colourful, floral and simply brimming with life.

Discover the many tales behind Delhi’s ancient, bewitching existence. Feel the excitement of stepping foot on a piece of the world’s oldest land.